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Production Units
Production units

Production Units

Road Construction Bitumen Production Unit

This unit has the annual production capacity equal 17’500 Tons per month , and produces different grade of bitumen to be used in Asphalts.


The material for this unit which is VB (Vacuum Bottom), that is  provided from Tehran and Isfahan oil Refineries. The advantage that we noticed when designing this unit of Dejpa is to create the highest level of Bitumen Ductility , that a glance on the analysis reports done on our products reveals this fact.


The material , after being cheeked in quality control unit , gets the certificates to enter from tanks to preheater  and then arrives each reactors and with close attention and adjusting the entering wind the target product is produced. The next step is to do different tests and analysis on the bitumen and finally by decreasing the heat to 150 °c the product is moved to the target reservoirs.